Journal of Organization and Human Behaviour

Journal of Organization and Human Behaviour

Publisher: Publishing India Group
Editor: Dr. Parul Rishi
Online ISSN: , Print ISSN: 2277-3274
Frequency: Quarterly


Journal of Organisations and Human Behaviour (JOHB) is a multi disciplinary journal which publishes articles in fields of interest to people who research, teach and apply organisational studies from a human behavioural perspective. The journal brings together researchers and practitioners, both within and outside India, who are in the areas of organization management, change and development, and Human behaviour. This journal covers all private, public and not-for-profit organizations’ conceptual organisational framework in relation to human behaviour. It publishes three sections of articles in each issue. The first section focuses on original, empirical research based papers .The second section stresses upon conceptual /theoretical articles and research reviews about multiple disciplines linking organisations with human aspects of behaviour. The third section includes articles about the applications of organisations and human behaviour analysis in organisational/institutional settings and that have corporate managers/CEOs as an intended audience.

Table of Contents

Vol 9, No 1&2 (2020)


Core Self-Evaluation as a Predictor of Meaningful Work and Altruism: Perceived Organizational Support as a Mediator
Rohini S. Nair
 Vol 9, No 1&2 (2020), Pagination: 01-09
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Role of Emotional Intelligence on Organizational Effectiveness: A Study among Scientific Personnel in the National Agricultural Research and Education System (NARES) in India
Ramesh Pedaprolu, R. V. S. Rao
 Vol 9, No 1&2 (2020), Pagination: 10-20
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Performance Appraisal System: A Study on Employees Central Issues and Challenges in Healthcare
Farzana Gulzar, Shafiqa Gul, Bilal Ahmad Dar, Sheezan Shafi, Aiman Fayaz
 Vol 9, No 1&2 (2020), Pagination: 21-29
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Is the Effect of Income on Happiness Same for All in India - A Panel Quantile Regression Analysis of Heterogeneity in the Relationship between Income and Life Satisfaction
T. Lakshmanasamy
 Vol 9, No 1&2 (2020), Pagination: 30-44
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Perceived Corporate Psychopathy and Psychological Contract
Pranjali Rajesh Pate
 Vol 9, No 1&2 (2020), Pagination: 45-49
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An Empirical Assessment of Telework Readiness on Indian Industries
Jainam Ashwinbhai Shah, Illiya Manna
 Vol 9, No 1&2 (2020), Pagination: 50-60
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