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Sasikala, S.

  • Relationship of Emotional Intelligence, Alternative Employment Opportunities, Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment with Turnover Intensions

  • Comprehensive Evaluation of Machine Learning Techniques and Novel Features for Web Link Spamdexing Detection

  • Medical Image Segmentation Using Optimum Thresholded Reaction-Diffusion Active Contour Model

  • Attitude towards Premarital Sex among College Students

  • An Effective Content based Image Retrieval using Spatial Feature of Texture Primitive Feature and Statistical Shape Features

  • NLSDF for Boosting the Recital of Web Spamdexing Classification

  • Speaker Identification System using Gaussian Mixture Model and Support Vector Machines (GMM-SVM) under Noisy Conditions

  • Web Link Spam Identification Inspired by Artificial Immune System and the Impact of TPP-FCA Feature Selection on Spam Classification

  • Reptree Classifier for Identifying Link Spam in Web Search Engines

  • Deriving User Access Patterns and Mining Web Community with Web-Log Data for Predicting User Sessions With Pajek

  • The M/M/1/N Interdependent Queueing Model with Controllable Arrival Rates, Reverse Balking and Reverse Reneging

  • Attitude towards Premarital Sex among College Students

  • A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Program on Menstrual Hygiene for Adolescent Girls

  • X GraphticsCLUS:Web Mining Hyperlinks and Content of Terrorism Websites for Homeland Security

  • Analysis of Spamdexing Influence and Click-Fraud Link-Spam in Online Marketing

  • Comprehensive Assessment of Results Offered by State of Art Search Engines

  • Campaigning Ingeniously in Social Networks with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

  • Development and Validation of Perceived Parental Involvement Questionnaire