Digital Image Processing

Digital Image Processing

Publisher: Coimbatore Institute of Information Technology
Editor: Dr. V. Sivaraj
Online ISSN: 0974–9586, Print ISSN: 0974–9691
Frequency: Monthly


 The Aim of Journal on Digital Image Processing is a forum for presenting new advances and research results in the fields of Digital Image Processing. The scope of the journal covers all theoretical and practical aspects of the Digital Image Processing, from basic research to development of application.

 The scope of the journal includes developing technologies in Image generation and display, Enhancement and restoration, Segmentation, Face Recognition & Super-resolution imaging Color and texture analysis Object Detection, Recognition and Categorization Medical Image Analysis ,Motion and Tracking ,Stereo and Structure from Motion Image restoration, feature extraction Bioluminescence, Biomedical optics and cancer detection, Biometric imaging, Blurred and noisy image processing Detectors and Image Formation Digital transforms Document image understanding Edge detection, image analysis and classification Emerging Detection and Imaging Technologies Noise estimation and filtering.

Table of Contents

Vol 13, No 5 (2021)


Identification of Medicinal Plants using Visual Characteristics of Leaves and Flowers
N. Akash, V. Kaushik, Y. B. Prajwal, R. Pranav, V. C. Rudramurthy
 Vol 13, No 5 (2021), Pagination: 81-85
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Knaster–Tarski Fixed Point Theorem in Generalized Two Mappings on Metric Spaces
A. Shaas Ahmed
 Vol 13, No 5 (2021), Pagination: 86-88
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A Guide to New Generalized p - k Mittag-Leffler Function in Fractional Calculus
K. Elakiya Shree, N. Abinaya
 Vol 13, No 5 (2021), Pagination: 89-92
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Prediction of Malignant Cell using the Machine Learning Algorithms
N. Akila, B. Manoharan
 Vol 13, No 5 (2021), Pagination: 93-96
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