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Wahida Banu, R. S. D.

  • Automatic Switching of Mobile Phone Profile Based on Current Speed of the Vehicle and Mobile Phone Security

  • A Novel QoS Aware Wavelength Assignment Algorithm with Dedicated Path Protection Consideration for all Optical Networks

  • Role-Based Access Control Architecture in Grid Environments

  • A New Approach for Internet Congestion Avoidance and Traffic Splitting

  • Improved Performance of Clusters using Job Grouping

  • Inter-Channel Correlation Based Color Image Compression

  • Load Balancing For P2P Systems in Video Over Internet

  • Design of Neuro Fuzzy System for Identification and Control of Nonlinear Systems

  • Centralised Enhanced forward Error Correction Mechanism on the Contention Window to Improve the Transmission Quality in Vehicular AD Hoc Networks

  • Survey on Signatured Xml Encryption for Multi-Tier Web Services Security