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Caballes, Dennis G.

  • Improving the Conceptual Understanding of Grade 12 Non-Science Students in Selected Topics in Genetics Using Heuristic Approach

  • Student-Made Video Clips (SMVC) in Earth Science: Towards Reinforced Students’ Learning

  • Enhancing the Academic Performance of Grade 10 Students in Physics through Interactive Simulation Laboratory Experiments

  • Relationship of Reasoning Skills and Metacognitive Abilities on Earth and Life Science among Senior High School Students

  • Exploratory Effects of Strategic Invention Materials in General Biology 2

  • The Role of Gamification on Students Academic Performance in Senior High School Physical Science Course

  • Senior High School Students’ Self-Regulated Learning Using Mobile Devices

  • SCI-DAMA: To Increase Student’s Scientific Analysis

  • Evaluation of Threshold Concept Barriers to Learning the Introduction to Physics (Phy 106)

  • Technology Based Supplementary Instructional Materials As Remediation Activity In Physical Science For Grade 12

  • Challenges and Opportunities in Emergency Remote Teaching on Secondary Biological Science during ECQ Implementation Due to COVID-19 Pandemic

  • Perceptions of Teachers on the Different Strains of Online Modalities of Learning: An Adoption to New Normal

  • Teachers’ Readiness Level on Online Teaching: Embracing Distance Learning Modality

  • Digital Technology as a Mode of Instruction: An Analysis

  • The Digital Skills of Secondary School Teachers in Manila

  • The Beginning Teachers’ Challenges in an Inquiry-Based Approach to Teaching Science: Provision for a Special Science Research Elective Course

  • Effects of Virtual Class in Teaching Technology and Livelihood Education and the Performance of Grade Ten Students at Dalandanan National High School

  • Overcoming the Challenges in doing Science Investigatory Project towards Effective Process Skills Development

  • Optimizing Science Instruction through Self-directed Learning

  • Independence of Learning Style, Teaching Style and Learners’ Academic Performance in Science of Dela Paz National High School

  • School Administrator – Teacher Relationship: An Indicative Measure on the Learning Achievement of Students on ICT-Based Course

  • Integration of Information Communication Technology in Teaching Science Technology and Society