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Chandrasekar, C.

  • An Optimized Multiple Semi-Hidden Markov Model for Credit Card Fraud Detection

  • Efficient Sequential Pattern Matching Algorithm for Classified Brain Image

  • Divisive Clustering Based Data Forwarding Approach in Vehicular Ad hoc Networks

  • Queue Batch Multicast Group Key Agreement Protocol with Communication Security

  • Reducing the Time Delay of Backbone Networks

  • Extending AODV to Avoid Black Hole Attack (AOMDV)

  • Secured Routing Protocol Based on Secret Sharing in Voice Systems

  • Secured Multipath Routing Protocol for Black Hole Attacks Based on Secret Sharing in MANETs

  • A Study on Performance Measure Evaluation of Semi Supervised Image Segmentation Techniques

  • Integration of Heterogeneous Networks on SAW, TOPSIS and AHP Methods

  • An Efficient Cancer Classification Using Extreme Learning Machine

  • Higher Throughput Maintenance Using Average Time Standard for Multipath Data Delivery Ad-Hoc Network System

  • Feature Selection Using ABC for the Lung CT Scan Images

  • Packet Transmission Analysis in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks Using Revival Mobility Model