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Nowadays, we remark that breakthroughs in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) suggesting its similarity with human beings, tremendous diversity of subfields and terminologies implied in the AI discipline, huge diversity of AI techniques, mistakes of AI and hype could lead to confusion about a clear understanding of the field (due to multiplicity of elements, brilliant successes, and senseless failures at the same time). In some cases, misunderstanding about AI led to hype, firing, and rude criticism even among many senior experts of the AI domain. Therefore, we detected the need for a short and very comprehensive overview of the whole and very vast AI field (as a good and useful reference) for providing fast insights leading to a better contextual understanding. And all of this by putting all aspects of AI together in few pages, based on practical and realistic (empirical) studies. Indeed, as only long training paths based on several outstanding books can fully cover all aspects of the AI discipline in several years, a short AI approach with shallow technical aspects would be suitable for everybody no matter their fields of activity, and so would contribute to avoiding misunderstandings about AI.

Subsequently, in the situation where the digitization and involvement of AI appears on a global level in all fields of activity, we let the very hard complex technical aspects (requiring at least sophomore level of mathematics) to (we) AI specialists only.

In this paper, we proposed “Understanding the Worldwide Paths towards the Creation of True Intelligence for Machines” so that everyone (starting with newbies) is able, via clear insights, to make a difference rapidly. As our modest contribution to scientific literature, we unambiguously showed via carefully designed illustrations and discussions, how the AI realm is held by well-known Theories of Intelligence and related AI Concepts that perfectly match the current technological advances in the AI field, and also future objectives. And, of course, we provided a clear insight into Ethical concerns about Artificial Intelligence.


Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Weak AI, Narrow AI, Artificial General Intelligence, Strong AI, Superintelligence, Machine Intelligence, Theories of Intelligence, Ethics and Risks of AI.
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