Networking and Communication Engineering

Networking and Communication Engineering

Publisher: Coimbatore Institute of Information Technology
Editor: Dr. V. Sivaraj
Online ISSN: 0974–9616, Print ISSN: 0974–9713
Frequency: Monthly


The Aim of Journal Networking and Communication engineering is to provide a high sketch, leading edge international forum for the practicing engineers and academic researchers working in the field to contribute, to disseminate innovative and important new work on Networking and Communication engineering technologies.

The scope of the journal includes developing technologies in Ad-hoc Networks, Mesh Networks, Network Performance, Reliability, and Quality of Service, Modulation Techniques (CDMA, OFDM, Multicarrier, Spread-spectrum, etc.),End-to-end Design Techniques, Software and Cognitive Radio Networks, Channel Modeling and Propagation, Coding for Wireless Systems, Detection, Estimation, and Synchronization, Diversity and Space-time Techniques, Detection, Estimation, and Synchronization, Channel modeling and propagation, Coding for wireless systems, Multiuser and multiple access schemes, Resource allocation over wireless networks, Security, authentication, and cryptography for wireless networks, Wireless traffic and routing, Ultra wide-band systems, Wireless multimedia communication, Wireless sensor networks, Wireless system architectures and applications.

Table of Contents

Vol 12, No 2 (2020)


Distributed Data Storage in the IoT: A Performance and Reliability Approach
Negar Taheri, Shahram Jamali
 Vol 12, No 2 (2020), Pagination: 17-23
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Study on Implementation of Smart City Using IOT
S. Arpitha, A. Kavya, S. Keerthana, G. Likitha, S. Likitha, P. Maltesh, B. Nethravathi
 Vol 12, No 2 (2020), Pagination: 24-29
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Comparative Study of Different Types of CAPTCHA
S. Likitha, B. Nethravathi
 Vol 12, No 2 (2020), Pagination: 30-36
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Level of Synergistic Supervision, Job Satisfaction and Job Performance of Science Teachers in San Isidro National High School: A Case Study
Luningning M. dela Cruz, Dennis G. Caballes
 Vol 12, No 2 (2020), Pagination: 37-42
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