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Kumari, Vinod

  • Age and Education of Women in Gram Panchayat Activities in Haryana

  • Knowledge and Attitude of Scheduled Castes of Haryana towards Small Family Norms across Different Age Groups

  • A Sociological Analysis on Debt among Small and Marginal Farmers of Southern Region of Haryana

  • Perceived Constraints Related to Inputs and Production by Direct Seeded Rice Growers in Kurukshetra District

  • Knowledge of Rural Women about Legislative Provisions Regarding Human Rights:A Sociological Analysis

  • Socio-Economic Factors and Impact of Television on Primary School Boys

  • Children's Television Viewing:A Sociological Study

  • Socio-Economic Factors Affecting Problem of Dowry

  • Eve Teasing and Impact on Self-Confidence and Well-Being in Rural Areas of Haryana

  • Knowledge of Laws about Crime Against Women in Haryana:A Sociological Analysis

  • Knowledge and Adoption of Mission for Integrated Development of Horticulture among Farmers of Haryana

  • Menstrual Hygiene Practices, Socio-cultural Restrictions and Taboos among Indian Society and their Impact on Women Life

  • Drip Irrigation Technology in Cotton Cultivation for Sustainable Agricultural Development

  • Knowledge and Adoption of Custom Hiring Centres among Farmers of Haryana

  • An Impact of the Changes in Family Life and Structure in India