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Zacharias, V. J.

  • The Great Indian Hornbill (Buceros bicornis) and Management of Old Growth forest Patches in Periyar Tiger Reserve

  • Population Dynamics of Sambar Cervus unicolor, in Periyar Tiger Reserve

  • Note on a Collection of Spiders from Periyar Tiger Reserve, Kerala, S. India

  • Studies on the Aquatic Birds in Periyar Lake, Kerala

  • Observations on the Flying Squirrels Petaurista petaurista philippensis (Elliot) and Petinomys fuscocapillus (Jerdon) in Periyar Tiger Reserve and its Neighbourhood

  • Occurrence of the Willow Warbler Phylloscopus Trochilus (Linne) in Thekkady, Kerala, South India

  • Food Habits of Mammalian Predators in Periyar Tiger Reserve, South India

  • Micro-histological Studies on the Food Habits of Sambar, Gaur and Cattle in Periyar Tiger Reserve in Winter

  • Some Observations on Troop Structure, Activity Budget and Food Habits of the Nilgiri Langur (Presbytis johnii) in Periyar During Monsoon (June - August)

  • Habitat Preference of Asiatic Elephant (Elephas maximus) in Periyar Tiger Reserve, South India

  • Status and Habitats of Raptors in Periyar

  • A Preliminary Study on the Grasslands of Periyar Tiger Reserve, Kerala

  • Birds of Periyar Tiger Reserve, Kerala, South India

  • Black Baza Aviceda leuphotes (Dumont) Foraging with Mixed Hunting Parties, during Noon-Not Totally Crepuscular.?