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Gangoo, S. A.

  • Vegetative Propagation of Four Important Timber Yielding Species of Kashmir

  • Vegetative Propagation of Buxus wallichiana Baillon

  • Observations on Early Performance of Paulownia fortunei in Kashmir

  • Status and Improvement Strategies of Conifer Forests of Western Himalayas with Special Reference to Kashmir Region

  • Propagation of Ficus palmata Forsk by Cuttings

  • Fertilizer Response by Two Species of Poplars on Initial Growth Parameters

  • Knowledge and Attitude of Farmers Towards Agroforestry Practices in North Kashmir - a Case Study

  • Study of Variability in the Cultivated Clones of Populus nigra Linn. (Black Poplar) of Kashmir Valley

  • Status of Fuelwood Extraction and Consumption in Rural North Kashmir: a Case Study

  • Forestry Education and Training in Jammu and Kashmir

  • Energy Status and Consumption Pattern in Rural Temperate Zone of Western Himalayas: A Case Study

  • Cupressus Torulossa Progeny Test: Variability and Heritability Estimates

  • Management of Exotic Poplars for Production of Quality Timber and Reducing Cotton Menace in Kashmir (J&K)