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Qureshi, I. M.

  • Indian Forester - in the Service of Forestry

  • Note on Wattle Plantations in Bombay State

  • The Bombay State Forestry Conference, 1951

  • A Note on the Distribution, Geology, Etc., of Sandalwood in Bombay State

  • Role and Contribution of Forest Research Institute, Dehra Dun, in Regard to Silvicultural Research in Bombay State

  • The Importance of Project Problem Analysis and Study Plans in the Implementation of Research Programmes in forestry

  • Role of Soil and Vegetation in Hydrology

  • Some Factors Influencing Watersheds

  • The So-called "eucalyptus Hybrid of Mysore Origin"

  • Frost at New Forest, Dehra Dun during 1963-64

  • Foliar Diagnosis and Mineral Nutrition of Forest Trees

  • Soil Studies of some Reforestation Areas in Madhya Pradesh

  • Afforestation of Difficult Sites

  • Studies on Forest Soils during Preparation of Forest Working Plans

  • Results of some Trials with Eucalypts at Asarori, Dehra Dun

  • Nutrient Requirements of Some Casuarina equisetifolia Plantations in Maharashtra and Gujarat

  • Use of Fertilizers and Manures in Forestry

  • Sal (Shorea robusta) Natural Regeneration De-novo. Effect of Soil Working and Weeding on the Growth and Establishment

  • The Concept of Fast Growth in Forestry and the Place of Indigenous Fast Growing Broad-leaved Species

  • Editorial

  • Planning for Industrial Plantations

  • Suitability of Soils for Eucalyptus Hybrid (Mysore Gum Syn E. Tereticornis) in Haryana and Punjab

  • Some Studies on Air Temperature and Humidity inside Pinus roxburghii and Dendrocalamus strictus Plantations at New Forest

  • Physico-chemical Study of Soils in some Bamboo Forests of Assam

  • Forests and Forestry in India

  • New Year Greetings