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Emmanuel, C. J. S. K.

  • Initial Performance of Tissue Culture Raised Bamboos in Rajasthan and Gujarat

  • Emergence of Gall Inducing Insect Leptocybe invasa (Hymenoptera : Eulophidae) in Eucalyptus Plantations in Gujarat, India

  • Use of Coppice Shoots in Seed Production Areas of Teak : a New Concept

  • Initial Flowering and Fruiting of Neem - National Provenence Trial

  • Macropropagation in Forestry Species

  • Natural Regeneration of Eucalyptus camaldulensis : a New Report

  • Three Decades of Forest Genetics and Tree Improvement

  • An Abnormal Seedling in Teak

  • A Note on Air Layering and Budding in Semul

  • Twin Seedlings in BombaX ceiba L. (Bombacaceae)