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Kothari, Vijay

  • Anti-oxidant Activity of M. zapota and C. limon Seeds

  • Comparative Study of Various Methods for Extraction of Antioxidant and Antibacterial Compounds from Plant Seeds

  • Tamarindus indica (Cesalpiniaceae), and Syzygium cumini (Myrtaceae) Seed Extracts can Kill Multidrug Resistant Streptococcus mutans in Biofilm

  • In vitro Antibacterial Activity of Manilkara hexandra (Sapotaceae) Seed Extracts and Violacein against Multidrug Resistant Streptococcus mutans

  • Influence of a Mono-Frequency Sound on Bacteria can be a Function of the Sound-Level

  • Frequency-Dependent Response of Chromobacterium violaceum to Sonic Stimulation and Altered Gene Expression Associated with Enhanced Violacein Production at 300 Hz