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Dasgupta, Sujit

  • Effect of Different Physical Parameters on Roundness of Clastics

  • Quantitative Assessment of Seismic Hazard in Eastern-Northeastern India Through Poisson Probability Density Function Analysis

  • Targeting East-West Normal Faults in Peninsular India for Seismic Hazard Studies

  • Earliest Dates and Implications of Microlithic Industries of Late Pleistocene from Mahadebbera and Kana, Purulia District, West Bengal

  • Relationship between Earthquake Swarm, Rifting History, Magmatism and Pore Pressure Diffusion - An Example from South Andaman Sea, India

  • Aseismicity of the Andaman Subduction Zone and Recent Volcanism

  • Seismic Clusters and their Characteristics at the Arabian Sea Triple Junction: Supportive Evidences for Plate Margin Deformations

  • Earthquake Forerunner as Probable Precursor - An Example from North Burma Subduction Zone