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Kohli, Sarvdeep

  • Academic Anxiety and Wellbeing amongst Rural and Urban Adolescents

  • Maximizing well being through Democratic Decentralization

  • Applying the Constructs of Home Environment: Implications for Developing Self Esteem amongst Adolescents

  • Coping Strategies amongst the Patients of Arthritis

  • The Effectiveness of Divergent Thinking Module for Creative Potential

  • Coping Strategies amongst the Patients of Arthritis

  • Self-Esteem, Academic Anxiety and Insecurity amongst Adolescents:Exploring Gender Differences

  • Efficacy of Sudarshan kriya Yoga in Enhancing Comprehensive Well-Being

  • A Study of Emotional Maturity in Relation to Self-Confidence and Insecurity in Adolescents

  • Forgiveness and Gratitude as Correlates of Mental Health

  • Emotional Competence and Quality of Work Life in Call Center Employees: A Gender Based Study

  • A Study of Mental Health in Smokers

  • Self-Efficacy and Hope as Predictors of Mental Health

  • Anxiety, Domains of Quality of Life and Hypertension: A Correlational Study

  • Perceived Stress and Depression among Hypertensives