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Saini, Sarita

  • Adjustment Patterns of Newly Admitted Children in Laboratory Day Care Centre

  • Dimensional Analysis of the 'Belonging component' of Quality of Life of Elderly across Varying Support

  • Age and Gender: Determinants of Metacognition among Rural Adolescents

  • Analysis of the Sex Differentials in the Extent of Social Isolation among the Aged

  • An Appraisal of the Unexplored Power and Potential of Women as Peace Builders

  • Structural Analysis of the 'becoming Component' of Quality of Life and Vulnerability of Elderly Females under Varying Support Systems

  • Assessment of Gender Differentials in 'Being Component' of Quality of Life of Aged Living under Varying Support Systems

  • Personal, marital and social support factors as the correlates of social isolation among the aged

  • Exploratory appraisal of metacognitive skilfulness and academic performance of rural adolescents

  • Exploratory Analysis of Intellectual Abilities, Metacognitive Skills and Academic Performance of Rural Adolescents

  • Role of Visual Perception in Improving Quality of Handwriting

  • Psycho-Social Morbidities among Adolescents:A Threat to Physical and Mental Well-Being

  • A Multidimensional Assessment of Quality of Life of Elderly across Varying Support Systems

  • A Comparative Analysis of the Value System of Adolescents and their Parents

  • Exploratory Appraisal of Metacognition and Multiple Intelligence among Adolescents

  • An Appraisal of The Metacognitive Skills and Learning Styles of Rural Adolescents

  • A Study of Mental Health of Adolescents with Selfie Addiction

  • Self-Esteem and Selfie Addiction:An Exploratory Study of Rural and Urban Adolescents

  • Gender Differentials in the Impact of Learning Styles on Metacognitive Skills of Rural Adolescents

  • Self-Regulation and Metacognitive Skillfulness Among Adolescents

  • Status of Writing Readiness of Urban School Children With Poor Handwriting

  • Impact of Intervention in Remediating Visual Perception Skills of Urban School Children with Poor Handwriting

  • Metacognition, Self-Regulation and Learning Environment as Determinant of Academic Achievement

  • Enhancing Metacognitive Skillfulness of Adolescents

  • Awareness of Child Rights and Protection Among The Primary School Teachers

  • Gender Differences in Meta-Cognitive Skillfulness among Adolescents of Moga and Ludhiana

  • Quality of Life of Primary Caregivers of Dependent Elderly

  • An Appraisal of Burden of Stress among Family Caregivers of Dependent Elderly

  • Association of Defense Mechanisms with Anxiety Depression and Stress Among Adolescents