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Tandan, S. R.

  • Implementation of Improved Distributed Wireless Channel Allocation Algorithm for Mobile Computing

  • Web Content Mining Applications and Methods-A Survey

  • MVC Model 2 Architecture with AJAX Technology Makes Web More Efficient and More Powerful By Reducing Web Traffic and Man Power Load

  • Improved MVC for J2EE Architecture

  • Current Approaches and Challenges for Skin Cancer Detection

  • Fuzzy Logic Based Information Retrieval System

  • Algorithm for Position and Path Estimation of Mobile Robot in Dynamic Environment Using Fuzzy Approach

  • A Fuzzy Approach to Multimodal Biometric Authentication

  • Securing Android Application with Anti- Reversing Techniques

  • Dynamic Motion Planning of Mobile Robot with Fuzzy Approach

  • Smart E-Classroom

  • A Novel Approach for Reducing the Candidate Item Sets and Large Item Sets by Fuzzy Mining Association Rule