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Goyal, S. K.

  • Management of Aspergillus and Blue Mould Rot of Anola Fruits

  • Management of Aonla Rust Incited by Ravenalia emblicae Var. fructicolae Syd

  • Estimating Input Demand and Output Supply on Wheat Farms in Haryana State of India

  • Development of a Cerium-Doped Lanthanum Bromide Gamma-Ray Spectrometer for Planetary Missions and Feasibility Studies for Determination of Elemental Abundances of Radioactive Elements (Th, K and U)

  • Environmental Policies in Asia:Perspectives from Seven Asian Countries

  • Technical Efficiency of Microfinance Institutions in India:Data Envelopment Analysis

  • Growth and Instability in Production of Major Fruits Grown in India