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Arora, S. K.

  • A Statistical Analysis of Completeness of Earthquake Data of Peninsular India and its Implications for Seismicity Evaluation

  • Current Seismicity and Tectonics Near the Gulf of Cambay: Evidences for the Khambat Plume Induced Activity

  • Structural Carbohydrates, Soluble Sugars and in Vitro Digestibility of Leaf and Stem Portions of Sorghum forages

  • Chemical Composition and Correlation Studies of Selected Genotypes of Avena sativa

  • Genetic Variability in Structural Components and in Vitro Digestibility of Fodder Samples of Promising Grain Sorghum

  • The In Vitro Digestibility of Promising Indian Varieties of Sorghum and its Relation with Tannin Content