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Singh, S. B.

  • Constraints for People's Participation in Wasteland Afforestation Programme

  • Response of Eucalyptus camaldulensis and Dalbergia sissoo Fertilizers in Sodic Soil

  • Comparative Response of Organic and Fertilizer Source of Nutrients to Terminalia arjuna in Waterlogged - Sodic Soil

  • Response of Acacia nilotica to Silvicultural Practices in Waterlogged Sodic Soil

  • Response of Acacia nilotica to Nitrogen and Phosphorus in Waterlogged Sodic Soil

  • Effect of Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Mulch on Growth and Establishment of Pinus roxburghii

  • Potential Water Requirement of Eucalyptus - A Preliminary Study

  • Effectiveness of Different Nitrogen Sources on Leucaena leucocephala

  • Interference between Two Species in Mixed Seeding System

  • Effect of Nutrients on the Growth Behaviour of Bambusa tulda in the Nursery

  • Soil Characteristics under Introduced Cryptomeria japonica (Dhupi) in Darjeeling Himalayan Region

  • Relation of Age and Dominance of Tree Species with Soil Chemical Attributes in Kalimpong and Kurseong Divisions of West Bengal

  • Changes in Attributes of Forest Soil Brought about by Termites

  • Variations in Properties of Soils Brought about by Termite Activity on Plants

  • Response of Two Year Old Pinus patula to N, P and K Fertilization

  • Forest Soil Cum Vegetation Survey and Classification with Special Reference to South India. II: Sampling Intensity

  • Edaphic Requirements of Tropical Pines with Special Reference to Tamil Nadu

  • Change in Soil Properties under Different Plantations of the Darjeeling Forest Division

  • Methods of Fertilizer Application in Pinus patula

  • Studies on Changes in Soil Properties under Different Vegetations

  • Genesis of Red and Lateritic Forest Soils of West Bengal on Catenary Basis: Part II. Physicochemical Properties

  • Fertilization in Eucalyptus grandis on Severely Truncated Soil. II: Biomass Producnon

  • Studies on Changes in Soil Properties in Termites (Odontotarmes obesus) Gallaries Developed on Different Tree Species

  • Linear Programming for Determining Quantitative Composition of Species in a Mixed Plantation

  • Effect of Biofertilizers on Growth, Yield and Economics of Rice (Oryza Sativa L.)

  • Spatial Variability in Temporal Trends of Precipitation and its Impact on the Agricultural Scenario of Mizoram

  • Neoproterozoic Palaeomagnetic Results of Jodhpur Sandstone, Marwar Supergroup, Western Rajasthan

  • Prediction of Electrical Resistivity Structures Using Artificial Neural Networks

  • The Controls to the Variation in Depth to Fresh/Saline Interface in the Groundwater of Southwest District, NCT, Delhi - a Case Study

  • An Integrated Geophysical Approach for Groundwater Prospecting: A Case Study from Tamil Nadu

  • Neoproterozoic Palaeomagnetic Results of Jodhpur Sandstone, Marwar Supergroup, Western Rajasthan

  • Effect of Split Application of Nitrogen on Performance of Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

  • Record of Natural Enemies of Sugarcane Top Borer, Scirpophaga excerptalis Wlk. from Deoria, Uttar Pradesh

  • Thinning of Granitic-Gneissic Crust below Uplifting Hyderabad Granitic Region of the Eastern Dharwar Craton (South Indian Shield): Evidence from AMT/CSAMT Experiment

  • Multi COB-Bearing Popcorn (Puakzo) Maize:A Unique Landrace of Mizoram, North East, India

  • Ug99:Saga, Reality and Status

  • Morpho-Agronomic Diversity in Pole-Type Common Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) Landraces from Lushai Hills of North-East India

  • Review of Design Provisions for Masonry Structures

  • Occurrence, Severity and Association of Fungal Pathogen, Botrydiplodia theobromae with Sudden Death or Decline of Tree Bean (Parkia timoriana, (DC.) Merr) in North Eastern India