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Behmani, Rakesh Kumar

  • The Role of Positive Psychology in Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Prevention of Lifestyle Diseases

  • Effect of Gender and Age on Depression among Adolescents

  • Hopelessness Peer Pressure and Automatic Thoughts among Late Adolescent Females

  • Peer Pressure among Late Adolescents:Sources and Remedies

  • Relationship between Organisational Role Stress and Life Satisfaction among Female Police Personnel

  • A Study of Coping Resource, Perceived Stress and Self Efficacy in Relation with Suicidal Ideation among Students

  • Life Satisfaction among below Poverty Line, above Poverty Line Males and Migrant Labours of Haryana

  • Health Locus of Control, Peer Pressure, and Cognitive Triad among Adolescents

  • Attitude and Attribution Towards Domestic Violence Among Women in India

  • A Review on the Relationship of Materialism with Well-Being, Self-Esteem and Among Adolescents

  • Influence of Parenting Style on Life Satisfaction of the Adolescents:A Review

  • Study of Depression among Adolescents in Relation to Anxiety, Neuroticism, Cognitive Dysfunction, Affective Dysregulations, Hardiness, Optimism and Social Support