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Kaur, Rajdeep

  • Attainment in Knowledge with Reference to Minimal Processing of Vegetables

  • A Review of Training Needs among Rural Women

  • A Study on the Selection of Trouser Designs by Youngsters

  • Smart Aggregation for VOIP Networks with Anomaly Awareness for Latency Minimization

  • Toxic Evaluation of Subchronic Exposure to Cadmium, Imidacloprid, and their Combination on Hematological Parameters in Buffalo Calves

  • A Review on Biometric Authentication Using Adaptive Iris Features

  • The Plight of Indian Women in Agriculture

  • Sub-Acute Exposure of Fenvalerate in Buffalo Calves:Toxicokinetic Evaluation

  • Serum Levels and Half-Life of Carbaryl in Buffalo Calves after Subchronic Exposure:Implications for Withdrwal Times

  • Carbamate Pesticide Carbaryl Induces Alterations in Antioxidant and Oxidative Stress Related Responses of Indian Buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) after Sub-Chronic Exposure

  • Hematobiochemical Evaluation of Dermal Subacute Cypermethrin Toxicity in Buffalo Calves

  • A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of the Structured Teaching Programme on the Knowledge Regarding Blood Donation among the College Going Students of the Selected Colleges of Ludhiana, Punjab

  • Toxic Effects of Sub-chronic Oral Exposure of Imidacloprid on Biochemical Parameters in Buffalo Calves