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Sharma, R.

  • Nutrient Harvest through Pruned Material and whole Tree in Populus deltoides Based Agrisilviculture Systems in Central Punjab

  • Conversion of a Rational Polynomial in Triangular Bernstein-Bézier form to Polynomial in Triangular Bernstein-Bézier form

  • Happy Seeder - A Conservation Agriculture Technology for Managing Rice Residue for Central Punjab Conditions

  • Role of Electrophysiology in Snake Envenomation Two Illustrative Cases

  • Insulin Overdose - Altered Sensorium & Recurrent Hypoglycaemia

  • A Remarkable Rare Case of Fractured Endodontic Instrument in Periradicular Region Compressing Inferior Alveolar Nerve

  • A Mathematical Model to Control the Transmission of Thalassemia Disease using Pure Fractions

  • Changing Paradigm of Biochemical Sciences:Molecular Networks in Health and Disease

  • An Efficient Design of Sub-threshold Logic Circuits for Ultra Low Power VLSI Applications

  • Kinetics of Isoamyl Alcohol and Aniline Inhibited Uncatalysed and Ag (I) Catalysed Autoxidation of S (IV) in Acidic Medium