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Manavalan, R.

  • Antibacterial and Antifungal Activity of Andrographis echiodes

  • Studies on Hepatoprotective Effect of Flaveria trinervia

  • Anti-Ovulatory and Abortifacient Potential of the Ethanolic Extract of Henna Roots in Rats

  • Effects and Causes of Lithiasis

  • M2 Filter for Speckle Noise Suppression in Breast Ultrasound Images

  • Chemo Preventive Activity of Triumfetta rhomboidea in 7, 12-Dimethylbenz (A) Anthracene Induced Breast Cancer in Sprague–Dawley Rat Model

  • Analysis of Cuckoo Search with Genetic Algorithm for Image Compression

  • Document Retrieval using Hierarchical Agglomerative Clustering with Multi-view point Similarity Measure Based on Correlation:Performance Analysis

  • Tree-Based Mining with Sentiment Analysis for Discovering Patterns of Human Interaction in Meetings

  • Image Compression Using Radon Transform With DCT:Performance Analysis

  • Apoptosis Significance and Molecular Mechanisms-A Review

  • Active Principles Determination by GC/MS in Delonix elata and Clerodendrum phlomidis

  • Phyto-Physico Chemical Evaluation, Anti-Inflammatory and Anti Microbial Activities of Aerial Parts of Gmelina asiatica

  • Modified NLM Model for Despeckling Ultrasound Images Using FCM Clustering Based Pre Classification and RIBM

  • Computational Approaches for Heart Disease Prediction-A Review

  • Despeckleing Prostate Ultrasonograms Using PDE with Wavelet

  • Optimum Parameters Selection Using Bacterial Foraging Optimization for Weighted Extreme Learning Machine