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Chandramouli, R.

  • Planning and Execution of Diabetes Awareness and Screening Camp in an Educational Institution

  • Pharmaceutical Pricing in India: A Pharmacoeconomic Perspective

  • Study on Determinants of Self Medication Practice amongst Consumers in Parts of East Bengaluru

  • Assessment of Knowledge Attitude and Practice on Tuberculosis Patients on Dots Therapy

  • Assessment of Knowledge Attitude and Practice on DOTs Therapy by Tubercular Patients

  • Application of Design of Experiments for Optimizing Critical Quality Attributes (CQA) in Routine Pharmaceutical Product Development

  • Enhancing the Solubility of BCS Class II and IV Drugs by Sedds Approach-A Structured Review

  • Finite Element Analysis of Equal Channel Angular Pressing on Densification and Deformation Behaviour of Al-1100 Processed by Powder Metallurgy Route

  • Assessment of Parents’ Knowledge, Attitude and Practice about Child Vaccination in Rural Areas

  • Functional Overview of Process Validation of Tablets - A Critical Review

  • Biowaivers-An Updated Review

  • Densification and Deformation Behaviour of Sintered P/M AL-C-CU-MG Alloys During Cold Upsetting

  • Cold Deformation Studies on P/M AL-C-CU-FE Alloys

  • Real Time Release Testing-A Review