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Mittal, R. K.

  • Evaluation of Fungicides to Control some Common Seed-borne Fungi

  • Hansfordia pulvinata (Berk .& Curt.) Hughes a New Record on Shorea robusta Gaertn F.

  • Evolutionary Issues in Social Impact Investment: A Literature Review

  • A Study of Tax Implications in Pension Funds Management

  • Repletion Studies on Liver Protein, Glycogen Content and Liver Enzymes by Feeding Protein Isolates of Cassia Marginata and Cassia Renigera Wild Leguminous Seeds in Normal Albino Rats

  • Enhancing Competitiveness of MSMEs in India through their Integration in Global Supply Chain:A Study of Challenges Faced by Firms in Gurgaon Auto–Component Cluster

  • Exploring Business Networks and its Impact on Firm Performance in an Auto-Component Cluster:A Study of Gurgaon Auto-Component Cluster

  • Identification and Isolation of Transgressive Segregants in F3 Generation of Blackgram [Vigna mungo (L.) Hepper]

  • Emergence of Genome Wide Association Studies as a Major Plant Breeding Tool

  • CRISPR-A Powerful Functional Genomic Tool in Crop Improvement

  • Effects of Different Growth Media on Germinability of Interspecific Hybrids between Vigna mungo< and V. umbellata