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Ganesan, P.

  • Satellite Image Segmentation Based on YCbCr Color Space

  • A Comparative Study on MMDBM Classifier Incorporating Various Sorting Procedure

  • Online Questionnaire in Social Science Research: A Comparative Study of Online Questionnaire Services Providers

  • Automatic Extraction and E-Mail Delivery of Citation Data from SCI CD-ROM Database

  • Performance Analysis of Multi Level Shunt Active Filter Based on SDM

  • Survey on Energy Saving Methods for Green Communication Network

  • Socio-Economic Upliftment of Peasants in Thanjavur

  • Retinal Blood Vessels and Optical Disc Segmentation in Branch Retinal Vein Occluded Fundus Images Using Digital Image Processing Techniques

  • A Simple Approach to Automated Brain Tumor Segmentation and Classification