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Ghosh, P. K.

  • Polypores that Decay Trees of Indian Botanic Garden

  • Biotic Stresses Of Agricultural Crops in India: Re-Visiting National Status And Mitigation Strategies

  • Tuberculous Pericarditis

  • State of Life of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes in India

  • Natural Resource Conservation through Weather-Based Agro-Advisory

  • Surface Modification of High Carbon Steel by Autogenous Pulsed Tungsten Inert Gas Arcing

  • Emerging and Re-emerging Biotic Stresses of Agricultural Crops in India and Novel Tools for their Better Management

  • Study of Effect of Gas Tungsten Pulse Arcing on Surface Modification of Martensitic Stainless Steel

  • The Influence of Electrode Polarity and Welding Current on Mechanical Properties of Submerged Arc Weld (SAW) in C-Mn Steels

  • The Influence of Electrode Polarity and Welding Current on Mechanical Properties of Submerged Arc Weld

  • Flash Butt Weld Ability of Dual Phase Steel Sheet Studied by Microshear Test Method

  • Mechanical Properties of TIG Welded Al-Zn-Mg Alloy

  • Welding Research Laboratory-Roorkee-An Overview

  • Influence of some Upset Butt Welding Parameters on the Weld Properties of HSLA Steel

  • An Analytical Approach for Determination of Pre-Heat Temperature

  • Roof Water Harvesting in Hills - Innovations for Farm Diversification and Livelihood Improvement

  • Composites of Graphene Oxide and Zeolite as a Potential Inhibitor for Alkaline Corrosion of Aluminium

  • Agronomy for Evergreen Revolution

  • Manual Metal Arc Welding of Modified 9Cr-1Mo Steel Pipe

  • Correlations of Pulse Parameters and Bead Characteristics in Pulsed Current Flux Cored Gmaw Process

  • Characterisation of Mechanical Properties of Multipass Submerged Arc Weld by Model Analysis of Its Microstructure Facilitated by AID of Computer

  • Mechanical Properties of Pulsed Current Multipass GMA Weld of Al-Zn-Mg Alloy

  • Arc Stability of Pulse Current Gas Metal Arc Welding of Low Alloy Steel under Different Pulse Parameters and Shielding Gas Compositions

  • Analysis of Fatigue Design Recommendations for Aluminum Weldments with Imperfections

  • Analytical Studies on Shrinkage Stress Distribution In GMA And Pulse Current GMA Welds Of Thick Wall Stainless Steel Pipe Having Narrow And V-Groove Design

  • Influence of Welding Parameters and Shielding Gas on Arc Characteristics and Behavior of Metal Transfer In GMA Welding of Mild Steel

  • Electroless Silver Plating of Al-Mg Filler Wire used in GMAW Process

  • Studies on Oxidation and Wear Resistance of Hard Surfacing Produced by Gas Thermal Spray of Modified Nickel Base Eutectic Alloy Powder

  • Control of Residual Stresses Using Narrow Gap Technique in SMA Welding of Structural Steel

  • Computer Aided Pulsed Current GMA Welding of Aluminium Alloys

  • Weldability of Controlled Rolled Micro Alloyed Thick HSLA Steel Plates for Fabrication of Penstock Liners

  • Distortion and Transverse Shrinkage Stress in Butt Welds of Steel Plates Under Different Welding Procedure and Parameters of GMAW and SMAW Processes

  • Use of Pulse Current MIG Welding Improves the Weld Characteristics of Al-Zn-Mg Alloy

  • Weldbonding of Mild Steel