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Rasheed, Nuha

  • An Overview of Validation and Basic Concepts of Process Validation:Quality Assurance View Point

  • Simultaneous Formulation, Estimation and Evaluation of Allopurinol Sustained Release Tablets using Various Suitable Excipients

  • Simultaneous Formulation, Estimation and Evaluation of Ofloxacin Microbeads

  • Simultaneous Formulation Development, Evaluation and Estimation of Innovative Controlled Release Tablets of Bosentan Formulated with Varied Polymers

  • Simultaneous Formulation, Evaluation and Estimation of Self Emulsifying Drug Delivery System (SEDDS) of Ibuprofen Tablet Dosage form Using Varied Quantities of Goat Fat as an Excipient and Tween-60 as a Surfactant

  • Pharmaceutical Importance and Significance of Limit Tests

  • Conceptual Importance of Electrolytic Replenishers:A Review

  • Conceptual Importance of Acidifiers, Antacids and Cathartics for its Significance in Pharmaceuticals–A Brief Review

  • Current Trends in Radio-Pharmaceuticals

  • Conceptual Importance of Medicinal Gases for its Significance in Pharmaceuticals

  • A Brief Review on Fundamentals of Analytical Chemistry

  • An Overview of Various Subjects Included as Syllabus for B. Pharmacy Students by JNTUH for its Definitions, Significance, Objectives and Outcomes

  • Systematic Analysis of Enzymatic DNA Polymerization Using Oligo DNA Templates and Triphosphate Analogs Involving 2’, 4’-Bridged Nucleosides

  • Pharmaceutical Aids–A Review Study

  • Pharmaceutical Importance of Anti-Microbials

  • A Conceptual Brief Review on Pharmaceutical Importance of Dental Products

  • What Makes a Product Manager Successful?

  • Simultaneous Formulation, Evaluation and Estimation of Controlled Release of Nsaid Drug

  • Anti-Asthmatic, Analgesic and Anti-Convulsant Activities of the Medicinal Plant Bryonia laciniosa. Linn. Contributors