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Singh, Nayanika

  • Perceived self-efficacy and academic self-regulation as determinants of quality of life among adolescents

  • Arts Education Generating Human Potential among Children

  • A Study on the Effect of Gender Differences on Affective Dysregulation, Depression and Hopelessness among Adolescents

  • Self-Efficacy and Performance Appraisal among Government and Private Sector Bank Employees:A Comparative Investigation

  • Spirituality and Gratitude among College Students:A Study on Gender Differences

  • Empowering Students through Adversity Quotient towards Resilience

  • Stress-busting Techniques in Classrooms during the New Normal

  • Wuthering Heights in Light of Feminism and Jungian Archetypes: A Comprehensive Overview

  • Self-regulation and Quality of Life among College Students: A Study on Gender Difference

  • Emotional Resilience for School Children