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Annalakshmi, Narayanan

  • Resilience of Prisoners' Children-Teachers' Voices

  • Socio-Demographic Factors in Internalizing and Externalizing Problems Among At-Risk Rural Adolescents

  • Virtues, Psychological Distress, and Resilience among Adolescents

  • Promoting Resilience Among Institutionalized Adolescents Through Fostering Probabilistic Orientation, Forgiveness, and Gratitude

  • Critical Consciousness and Psychological Well-Being among Youth in India

  • Perceived Discrimination among Students in Higher Education

  • Risk and Protective Factors among Adolescents:A Multilevel Analysis

  • Understanding Pathways to Resilience among Children of Incarcerated Parents

  • Personality Predictors of Flow among Adolescents

  • Resilience and Academic Achievement among Rural Adolescents at-Risk : Role of Self-Regulation and Attachment Style

  • Personal Resources Associated with Resilience to COVID-19 Challenges among Emerging Adults in India