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Kumar, Mahesh

  • Need for Bioaesthetic Planning

  • National Highway Avenues

  • Arun Joshi's The Foreigner: A probe into human psyche

  • Retinoblastoma:An Overview

  • Post Operative Endophthalmitis and its Management

  • Alternaria tenuissima Causes Leaf Spot in Makhana

  • Alternaria alternata causes leaf and fruit blight in makhana

  • Recent Advances in Management of Giant Cell Tumor

  • Seroprevalence of Bovine Herpesvirus-1 Antibodies in Bovines in Five Districts of Uttarakhand

  • An Empirical Research Investigating the Hospitality Students Perceptions towards Hospitality Internships Programme in India

  • Determinants of Customer Satisfaction in Quick Service Restaurants as Predictors of Customer Repurchase Intention Towards Quick Service Restaurants in India

  • Coping with Hailstorm in Vulnerable Deccan Plateau Region of India:Technological Interventions for Crop Recovery

  • Economic Returns, Nutrients Status and Nitrogen Uptake in Maize (Zea mays L.) as Influenced by Planting Methods and Nitrogen Levels

  • Frost Heaves in the Cold Arid Leh–Ladakh Region: Observations on their Morphological Variability and Patterns as Indicators of Pastureland Degradation