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Madhavi, M.

  • Bispyribac Sodium Persistence in Soil, Plant and Grain in Direct Seeded Rice and its Effect on Soil Properties

  • Compatibility of Mutant Isolates of Trichoderma spp. with Agrochemicals

  • Textual Encryption using Conventional Encryption Algorithm

  • Dissipation and Persistence of Propaquizafop in Soil, Plant and Rhizomes in Turmeric and its Effect on Soil Properties

  • Experimental Investigations on Thermal Conductivity and Performance Analysis of Filament Wound Fiber Reinforced Heat Exchanger Composite Shell

  • Development of High Strength Filament Wound Composite Pressure Vessel with Variable Thickness

  • Persistence of Metribuzin in Tomato Growing Soils and Tomato Fruits

  • Anthelmintic Activity of Panchachurnam:An Ayurvedic Polyherbomineral Formulation