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Chandrabose, M.

  • Notes on the Occurrence of Indigofera Hochstetteri Baker and Acalypha Malabarica Muell.-Arg. in Madras State

  • Studies on the Vascular Flora of Sultan's Battery and Chedaleth Forest Ranges, Kozhikode District, Kerala

  • Notes on Unknown Fruits and Seeds of some Plants from South India

  • A Note on the Hitherto Undescribed Female Flowers and Seeds of Excoecaria robusta Hook. F.

  • Abutilon indicum (Linn.) Sweet ssp. Albescens (MIQ.) Borss. var. australiense Hochr. - A New Record for Indiaa

  • Studies on the Vascular Flora of Mahendragiri Hill and the Surrounding Regions, Kanyakumari and Tirunelveli Districts, Tamil Nadu

  • A New Species of Rhynchosia Lour. (Papilionaceae) from South India

  • Two New Flowering Plants from South India

  • Two Noteworthy Flowering Plants from South India

  • Leucas Lavanduliifolia Rees and its Varieties (Lamiaceae) in South India

  • A New Variety of Neanotis Monosperma (Wt. & Arn.) Lewis [Rubiaceae] from South India

  • Notes on some Rare and Interesting Plants from South India

  • K. Cherian Jacob (1890-1972): A Profile

  • Floristic Studies in Coimbatore City and its Environs