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Akbarsha, M. A.

  • Impact of Gestational and Lactational Exposure to Hexavalent Chromium on Steroidogenic Compartment of Post-Natal Rat Testis

  • Anti-/Pro-Oxidants Stimulate Thyroid Hormone Effects on Amphibian Metamorphosis: Modulation through Neurotransmitter Turnover and Reactive Oxygen Status in a Tropical Frog, Clinotarsus curtipes (Jerdon)

  • Duration-Dependent Histopathological and Histometric Changes in the Testis of Aflatoxin B1-Treated Mice

  • Organization of the Corpus Luteum in a Caecilian Gegeneophis ramaswamii

  • Histological Differentiation along Turtle Ductus Epididymidis, with a Note on Secretion of Seminal Proteins as Discrete Granules

  • Orchestra for the Dress Code of Sperm and its Transport in Caecilians

  • The Spermatogenic Cycle of a Caecilian Ichthyophis tricolor of the Western Ghats of Kerala (Amphibia:Gymnophiona)

  • A Role for the Mullerian Gland of an Adult Male Caecilian in the Aspects of Internal Fertilization:A Study Adopting Immunological Tools

  • On the Prospective Application of an Extracellular Material of the Marine Cyanobacterium Nostoc calcicola BDU 40302 in Male Contraception

  • Gestational Exposure to Chromium Alters the Histoarchitecture of Adult Rat Testis: a Light Microscopic Study

  • Transient Hypothyroidism during the Second Week of Gestation has a Temporal and Region Specific Effect on the Histoarchitecture of the Epididymis at Prepuberal, Puberal and Adult Rats

  • Ultrastructural Features of Follicle Cell-Oocyte Interface during Different Stages of Follicles in the Caecilian Ichthyophis tricolor

  • Male Reproductive Toxic Effect of Quassia amara: Observations on Mouse Sperm

  • Black Palm Squirrel (Funambulus palmarum Linn.) from India: Association with a Frame Shift Mutation in the MC1R Gene

  • Aspects of Male Reproductive Toxic Effects of Quassia amara L.: Histopathological and Ultrastructural Study in Mouse

  • Spermatotoxic Effect of Methanol Extract of Quassia amara L.:Impact on Expression of Specific Genes Concerned with Ubiquitination-Proteosome Degradation Pathway

  • On the Potential of Phytochemical Remedy for Envenomation and the Consequent Endocrinopathy, with a Note on Conservation – A Case Study of Venom Informatics