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Visweswara Rao, K.

  • Pattern of Consumer Expenditure and Poverty Level:A Case Study of Two Villages in Kerala

  • Association between the Dietaries of Families and Family Members-A Case Study in Hyderabad

  • The Weighment and 24-Hours Oral Recall Questionnaire Methods of Dietary Survey - a Case Study with Models of Agreement

  • Pattern of Food Consumption and Nutrient Adequacy - a Case Study of Adults by Religion

  • Effect of Socio-Economic Status on Food Consumption Pattern and Nutrient Intakes of Adults-A Case Study in Hyderabad

  • Models for the Patterns of Growth by Socio-Economic Status

  • Diet Surveys by Weighment and 24-Hours Recall Oral Questionnaire Methods-A Case Study of Agreement

  • Variations in Dietary Pattern and Nutrient Intakes by Economic Status

  • Weighment Method of Diet Survey - a Case Study of Reference Periods by Economic Status

  • Validity of Human Development Index

  • Relative Utility of Various Anthropometric Indices for the Nutritional Assessment of Pregnant Women

  • Nutritional Indices of Cereals - Principal Component Approach

  • Dietary Practices and Nutritional Status:A Case Study of the Rich and the Poor in Tamilnadu

  • Differentials of Malnutrition in Well-To-Do Adults and the Associated Factors

  • Growth and Development of Infants in Urban Slums of Hyderabad

  • Relative Importance of Factors Associated with Duration of Lactation in Mothers of Better Socioeconomic Status

  • Vital Statistics and Nutritional Status of Indians

  • Nutritional Anthropometry of Indian Adults

  • Critical Limits of some Anthropometric Measurements and Indices for the Assessment of Nutritional Status

  • Use of Composite Anthropometric Indices as an Alternative to Body Weight for Evaluation of Nutritional Status

  • Association of Growth Status and Mental Function in Pre-School Children

  • Nutritional Status of Preschool Children and the Associated Factors

  • Fertility Pattern of Mothers in a Changing Rural Environment

  • Validity of Calorie Coefficients for Estimation of Nutrient Intake of Adults

  • Validity of Calorie Coefficients for Estimation of Nutrient Intake of Preschool Children

  • Nutritional Status of Preschool Children and the Related Factors

  • A Comparison of Arm and Calf Circumferences as Indicators of Protein-Calorie Malnutrition of Early Childhood

  • Application of Rapid Biuret Technique for Protein Estimation in Sorghum and Pearl Millet

  • Food and Nutritional Situation in the Drought Affected Areas of Maharashtra - A Survey and Recommendations

  • Mathematical Topics in Population Genetics

  • Diet Surveys By Weighment Method-A Comparison of Reference Periods

  • Varietal Differences in Protein and Amino Acids of Grain Bajra (Pennisetum typhoides)

  • Patterns and Trends in Food Consumption in India