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Senthamarai Kannan, K.

  • Self - Similarity Based Image Demosaicking Using Frequency Mapping

  • Outliers Analysis with Fuzzy Clustering Model

  • New Demosaicking Algorithm for CFA Images with Spatial Denoising

  • Development of Hybrid Image by Fusion

  • Hybrid Compression of Color Mosaic Images Using Histogram Based Segmentation

  • Analysis of Diabetics Data by Data Mining Techniques

  • Detection in Time Series Data Mining

  • Analysis of Biological Sequence by Data Mining

  • Design of a Hidden Markov Model for the Analysis of Genomic Changes in Cancer

  • Computation of Image Similarity with Time Series

  • Hybrid Compression of Cervical Images by Segmenting Nuclei-Cytoplasm

  • Consistent Replicated Mobile Data Broadcasting for Read-Write Mobile Clients (CRMB)