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Manikandan, K.

  • Evaluation of Soil Resources for Productivity Through Remote Sensing in GIS Environment

  • Spatial and Temporal Variation in Groundwater Characteristics of the Coastal Regions of Tamil Nadu

  • Optimization of Area in Digit Serial Multiple Constant Multiplication at Gate Level

  • Web Usage Mining by Using Semantic Information

  • A Milestone in Artificial Intelligence & Neural Science Cyborg

  • Speaker Identification using a Novel Prosody with Fuzzy based Hierarchical Decision Tree Approach

  • Detection and Classification of Brain Tumor using Radial Basis Function

  • Design and Development of a Foot Pressure Scanner for Diabetic Patients

  • Detection and Evaluation of Vascular Wall Elasticity using Photoplethysmography Signals in Sinus Rhythm Subjects

  • Meaning in Life of Army Officers

  • Design and Fabrication of Muffler for Four Stroke Diesel Engine

  • Automated Scrolling Using Speech Recognition

  • Integrated Nutrient Management for Sustainable Groundnut Cultivation in Theri Soil

  • Managing Plant Disease by Managing Soils

  • Practices and Awareness of the Paediatricians Regarding Syrups and Sugar Free Medicines in Chennai City

  • Marketing Approval for Medical Devices in European Union

  • Relationship between Sense of Coherence and Procrastination among a Group of Undergraduate Dental Students in Chennai City - An Observational Study

  • Overview of Effective Traditional Medicinal Plants having Antihyperlipidemic Activity

  • Overview of Effective Traditional Medicinal Plants Having Antihyperlipidemic Activity