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Venugopal, K. R.

  • Improved Automatic Detection of Glaucoma using Cup-To-Disk Ratio and Hybrid Classifiers

  • Dynamic Traffic Splitting in a Multi-Radio Multi-Hop Network

  • Ensemble PHOG and SIFT Features Extraction Techniques to Classify High Resolution Satellite Images

  • Cancer Prognosis Prediction Model Using Data Mining Techniques

  • FKP Biometrics for Human Authentication

  • Enhanced Neighborhood Normalized Pointwise Mutual Information Algorithm for Constraint Aware Data Clustering

  • A Brief Survey on Privacy Preserving Data Mining Techniques

  • Privacy Preserving Data Mining for Ordinal Data using Correlation Based Transformation Strategy (CBTS)

  • PTMIBSS:Profiling Top Most Influential Blogger Using Synonym Substitution Approach

  • A Quality Hybrid Service Discovery Protocol

  • Multistage Classification of Diabetic Retinopathy Using Fuzzyneural Network Classifier