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Saini, Harminder Kaur

  • Consumers Preferences for Developed Designs of one Piece Dresses Inspired from Architecture and Evaluation of Constructed Designs

  • Consumers' Preferences for Smocked Utility Articles

  • Prevailing Trends of Silhouettes in Western Dresses

  • Girls Preferences for Different Garment Features in Designing Western Dresses

  • Printing of Tunics by Simulating Anasazi Ceramic Patterns and their Construction

  • Cosmetotextiles:A Novel Technique of Developing Wearable Skin Care

  • Consumer Preferences for Designing Upper Garments Through Draping Technique

  • Designing Contemporary Fashion Footwear Using Traditional Punjabi Jutti Motifs and their Consumer Preferences

  • A Study on Costumes of Bagri Males Through Three Generations

  • Intergenerational Transition of Trousseau Practices Among Women of Malwa Region

  • Evaluation of Contemporary Fashion Footwear Designed by Refashioning Traditional Punjabi Jutti