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Victor Rajamanickam, G.

  • Land Use Change Detections in a Coastal Village Vanagiri, Sirkazhi Taluk, Nagapattinam District, Tamilnadu Using Remote Sensing And GIS

  • Distribution of Heavy Minerals along the Beach from Mandapam to Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu

  • Buried Placer Mineral Deposits along the East Coast Between Chennai and Pondicherry

  • Organic Matter and Carbonate in the Southwest Continental Shelf of India

  • Economic Viability of Manganese Nodule Mining in India: A Discussion

  • A Geomorphic Appraisal of Silica Sands of Marakkanam Area, Tamil Nadu

  • Depositional Environments: Inferred from Grain Size Along the Coast of Tamil Nadu

  • Familiarization of TQM Excellence in the Educational Institutions

  • Implication of Foraminifera in Tracing the Suitable Site for Palaeo-Tsunami Impressions:A Case Study from Central Tamil Nadu Coast