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Srinivasa Rao, G.

  • Power Management of Supercapacitors using Multi boost and Full Bridge Converters Used in Electric / Hybrid Electric Vehicle

  • Monitoring of forest Fires from Space-ISRO's Initiative for near Real-Time Monitoring of the Recent forest Fires in Uttarakhand, India

  • Effect of Fertigation on Growth and Yield of Turmeric Cv. Mydukur

  • Satellite Images for Extraction of Flood Disaster Footprints and Assessing the Disaster Impact:Brahmaputra Floods of June-July 2012, Assam, India

  • Production and Characterization of Jatropha Oil Methyl Ester

  • Design and Implementation of Hardware and Software Systems for Object Tracking Using RFID Technology

  • A Comparative Account of Terrestrial and Satellite Based Potential Field Data for Regional Tectonic/Structural Interpretation and Crustal Scale Modeling With Reference to the Indian Region