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Tufon, Emmanuel N.

  • Hormonal Changes Associated with Insecticide Exposure in Albino Rats

  • Evaluating the Prevention and Management of Accidental Poisoning from Household Chemicals in the Nkwen Area, Bamenda, Cameroon

  • The Practice of Radiation Protection in Conventional Radiography Department in Four Hospitals in Yaounde, Cameroon

  • The Occurrence of Hepatitis B Virus amongst Blood Donors Attending the Bamenda Regional Hospital

  • The Occurrence and Associated Risk Factors of Pre-Eclampsia amongst Pregnant Women in Their Third Trimester of Gestation Attending the Bamenda Sub-Divisional Medicalized Health Center Nkwen

  • Non-Pharmacological Interventions for Pain Management Used by Nurses at the Mezam Polyclinic Bamenda, Cameroon

  • Awareness, Utilization and Attitude of Married Men towards Family Planning: The Case of Men Living within the Nkwen Health Area, Bamenda

  • Occurrence and Risk Factors for Opportunistic Infections in HIV Patients Attending the Bamenda Regional Hospital, Cameroon

  • Awareness, Initiation, Duration and Challenges to Exclusive Breastfeeding amongst Women within the Bamenda Health District, Cameroon

  • Nutritional and Toxicological Potentials of Mucuna pruriens Seed