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Ghosh, Biswajit

  • Petrogenesis of Archaean Chromite Deposits of the Roro-Jojohatu Areas in the Singhbhum Craton: A Boninitic Parental Melt in Supra-Subduction Zone Setting

  • Sulphide Mineralisation in Betul Belt: Classification and General Characteristics

  • Multiple Origins of Gahnite Associated with Hydrothermal Alteration from the Bhuyari Base Metal Prospect of Proterqzoic Betul Belt, Madhya Pradesh

  • Mayodia Ophiolites of Arunachal Pradesh, Northeastern Himalaya

  • Gahnite Chemistry from Metamorphosed Zn-Pb-Cu Sulphide Occurrences of Betul Belt, Central India

  • Impacts of Rice Intensification System on Two C. D. Blocks of Barddhaman District, West Bengal

  • Significance of Mineral Chemistry of Syenites and Associated Rocks of Elagiri Complex, Southern Granulite Terrane of the Indian Shield

  • Environmental Impact of Sand Mining: a Case Study along the Lower Reaches of Ajay River, West Bengal, India

  • Petrogenesis of Zincian Spinel from Mamandur Base Metal Sulphide Prospect, Tamil Nadu

  • Spatial Analysis of Healthcare Facility: A Block Level Study in Purulia District, West Bengal

  • Mineralogy of the Manipur Ophiolite Belt, North East India:Implications for Mid-Oceanic Ridge and Supra-Subduction Zone Origin

  • Spectral Response of Few Important Textural Variants of Chromitite and its Potential in Estimating Relative Grades of Chromitite – A Case Study for Chromitite of Nuggihalli Schist Belt, India

  • Application of the Ecological Footprint Method for Measuring Sustainability of Agricultural Land use at a Micro Level in Barddhaman District, West Bengal, India

  • Micropropagation in Medicinal Plants: A Review