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Gupta, B. M.

  • Ranking and Performance of Indian Universities, Based on Publication and Citation Data

  • Measurement of Indian Science and Technology Using Publications Output Data during 1996-2010

  • Indo-German Collaborative Research during 2004-09: an Quantitative Assessment

  • A Comparative Study of Mysore University and Karnatak University In S&T: Research Output, Citation Impact and Collaboration During 2001-10

  • Contribution and Impact of Indian Agricultural Universities: A Performance: Analysis Using Scientometric Techniques, 2007-11

  • Modeling the Growth of Indian and Chinese Social Science Literature

  • Distribution of Productivity among Authors in Potato (1900-1980) Research (1900-1980)

  • Scientific Productivity in Theoretical Population Genetics:A Case Study in Core Journals

  • Social Sciences Research in Select Four South Asia Countries: A Quantitative Analysis of Publications, 2008-12

  • Science & Technology in Select Foursouth Asia Countries: A Scientometric Analysis of Publications, 1996-2011

  • High Productivity Environmental Research Organizations in India: a Study of their Performance for the Period 2008-12

  • Lactose Intolerance in Childhood

  • Global Assessment of Nasal Polyps Research: A Scientometric Analysis of Publications During 2004-13

  • Social Media Research in India: A Scientometric Assessment of Publications Output during 2004-13

  • Indian Cloud Computing Research: A Scientometric Assessment of Publications Output During 2004-13

  • Bibliometric Benchmarking of Himalayan Studies in India

  • Social Media and Libraries:A Scientometric Assessment of World Output, 2003-2014

  • Scientometric Assessment of Indian Publications on Rare Earths during 2005-14

  • Ranking of Indian Universities in Social Sciences: A Scientometric Analysis

  • International Cloud Computing Literature:A Scientometric Analysis for 2004-13

  • A Bibliometric Assessment of Global Literature on "Facebook and Libraries" During 2006-14

  • India's Contribution to Rabies Research:A Scientometric Asessment of its Publications Output During 1999-2014