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Mohyuddin, Anwaar

  • Malnutrition among School Going Children in Pakistan

  • Psychological and Physiological Issues of Retired Life in Pakistan

  • Traditional Attitude of Parents and its Impact on Female Educational Attainment in Rural Hafizabad, Pakistan

  • Impediment in Access to Education Due to Feudal System: an Anthropological Study of Marri Tribe in Balochistan

  • Psychological Factors of Aging in Pakistan

  • Female Islamic Education in Pakistan

  • Symbolic Representation of Red Color among Muslims:Case Study of Rawalakot Village, Azad Kashmir

  • Social Dynamics and Changing Educational Systems

  • Problems for the Women in their Career Choices

  • Deteriorating Economic Conditions Affecting the Lives of the Masses in Pakistan

  • Protection from the Evil Eye-Through Nazarbutto:A Symbolic Analysis in Anthropological Perspective

  • Symbolic Representation of Color Green Among Muslims

  • Socio-Cultural Constriants for HIV/AIDS Patients

  • Perception and Preferences for Indigenous or Western Health Practices

  • Social and Cultural Causes of Female Reproductive Health Issues in Tribal Area Koh-Sulman Dera Gahzi Khan, Pakistan