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Kulkarni, Anil V.

  • Observed Changes in Himalayan Glaciers

  • Identification of Potential Glacial Lake Sites and Mapping Maximum Extent of Existing Glacier Lakes in Drang Drung and Samudra Tapu Glaciers, Indian Himalaya

  • Mass Balance Estimation Using Geodetic Method for Glaciers in Baspa Basin, Western Himalaya

  • Preface

  • Decadal Change in Supraglacial Debris Cover in Baspa Basin, Western Himalaya

  • Himalayan Cryosphere

  • Volume Estimation of Existing and Potential Glacier Lakes, Sikkim Himalaya, India

  • Large Losses in Glacier Area and Water Availability by the End of Twenty-First Century under High Emission Scenario, Satluj Basin, Himalaya