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Mukherjee, Ambarish

  • Orgram Forest, West Bengal: some Ecological Aspects

  • A Taxonomic Census of Magnoliophytes Associated with forest Abodes of Tribals in Ayodhya Hill Region of Purulia District, West Bengal

  • Phytospectroscopy of Forest Patches in Bardhaman District, West Bengal

  • Effect of Developmental Activities on Water Quality in the Proximity of Deoghar Town in the Jharkhand State of India

  • Kobresia Kanaii RAJBH. & H.OHBA (Cyperaceae) : An Addition to Flora of India

  • Inventory of Wetlands of Nadia District, West Bengal, India and their Characterization as Natural Resources

  • Physico-Chemical Properties of Sediments and their Role in the Production Process of Some Wetlands in Nadia District, West Bengal

  • Phytoresources Documented from Durgapur Forest Range of Burdwan District, West Bengal (India) for their Sustainable Use

  • Non-Timber Phyto Resourses from Different Tribal Dominated Areas of Ayodhya Hills in Purulia District for their Sustenable Use

  • Elephantopus scaber L. An Exotic Element in Indian Forests

  • Family Caprifoliaceae Juss. as Documented from the Forests of Western Ghats

  • Folklores of Santhals Inhabiting Joypur Forest of Bankura District, West Bengal Regarding Medicinal Uses of Plants

  • The Benevolent Perspectives of Plants Associated with Tapovan of Deoghar District, Jharkhand (Iindia)

  • Phytoresources from Durgapur Forest Range, West Bengal and their Sustainable Use

  • Flowering and Fruiting Responses of the Wetland Macrophytes in Birbhum District, West Bengal, India

  • Garh Jungle - A Historic Pristine Forest Biotope

  • A Happy Wild Journey through Ramnabagan Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Plant : An Indicator and Mitigator of Pollution