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Verma, A.

  • Seasonal Dynamics in Air Quality Index and its Role in Pollution Mapping

  • Milling Quality of Raw and Parboiled Kodo (Paspalum scorbiculatum L.) by Various Hand Grinders

  • Evaluation of Anti-Hepatotoxic Activity of Clerodendrum phlomidis L. on Carbon Tetrachloride Induced Hepatic Injury in Rats

  • Incorporation of Garlic Paste and Flaxseeds Powder in the Preparation of Bread Using Fresh and Dried Yeasts

  • Dengue Encephalitis

  • Relationship of Chronic Periodontitis and Plasma C-Reactive Protein during Pregnancy

  • Stochastic Forecasting of Denominational Requirement and Replacement of Currency in India

  • A New 8T SRAM Circuit with Low Leakage and High Data Stability Idle Mode at 70nm Technology